Certain Tab Rows in SuperTab are now configurable.

These Tab Rows are:
  • Active Applications
  • Clipboard History
  • Recent Applications
  • Dock Items
  • Folder Contents
  • Custom Items
  • Application Windows
  • Calendar Items
  • Dropbox Contents
  • Snagit Items
  • The Gear Icon 

    When you mouse over the Title of a configurable Tab Row, you'll see a small Gear Icon to the left of the Title. For example, the Clipboard History Tab Row displays the gear icon indicating it is configurable:

    To Confirgure the Tab Row, simply click the gear. A pop up menu will appear with the configurable options of the Tab Row.

    For example:

    Each Tab Row type presents options specific to it.

    Clipboard History

    The Clipboard History Tab Row lets you specify whether to track Text, Images or both, how many recent items to track as well as the default action to take when you select a clipping from the Tab Row.

    Active Applications

    The Active Applications Tab Row lets you set whether to automatically hide all background Apps when you bring a given App to the foreground. You can also opt to inclue the frontmost App's windows in the Tab Row. And you can now opt to dim hidden App icons.

    Folder Contents, Dropbox Contents & Snagit Captures

    You can configure the sort order of the Folder's Contents. Sort by Name, Size, Creation Date or Modification Date. You an also choose Ascending or Descending order and whether to list Files first, Folders first or as naturally mixed.

    Recent Applications

    You can right-click on Apps in the Recent Applications Tab Row to exempt them from being displayed if it is not a primary App you care about. You can reset the exemption list from the configuration menu.

    Calendar Items

    The Calendar Items Tab Row lets you specify the Calendar Date Range, a 12 or 24 hour clock, which Calendars to include, to show Start Time or Time Until and finally whether or not to show past and All Day events.

    Application Windows

    The Application Windows Tab Row lets you set whether to show windows for the front App only or the windows of all running Apps. And you can now sort by App or by Recent Use.

    Dock Items

    The Dock Items Tab Row lets you specify what to display: All Dock Items, just Dock Apps, or just Dock Files & Folders. You can now also choose to display the Trash or not.

    Custom Items

    The Custom Items Tab Row lets choose whether or not the Tab Row displays is add button in the Tab Row. You can also add items to the Tab Row via its configure menu.