Some Users find that the SuperTab DMG cannot be opened. Very few users encounter this, but if you are among them, it's no fun.

If you are unable to download the SuperTab dmg file from our website, you can first try downloading it from our backup location:

   •   SuperTab Backup Download

If you still encounter issues, we suggest you use the Folx Download Manager from It is a FREE app.

    1) Download Folx here: Folx Free Downloader (or from here)

    2) Double click the "Folx_Free_Downloader.dmg" file in your Downloads Folder.

    3) In the window that opens, drag the Folx app into your Applications Folder

    4) Open your Applications Folder and double-click on the Folx App.

    5) In the Folx window, enter the following URL into the "Quick Add" box:

    6) Click the "Download from Cloud" button to the right of the Quick Add box.

At this point, Folx will download the SuperTab dmg, which will then open on your Mac and you can then go through the standard SuperTab installation process.