Sometimes you may have several items in a Tab Row which all look the same, making it difficult to tell which is which.

These could be several folders, or Word files, for example.

To solve this, you can now elect to display the names of items directly on their icons. Addtionally, you can decorate individual items by badging or tinting them.
Item Name Overlays 

Item name overlays help you easily identify the various items you may have in SuperTab. For example:

Now your files can go from this: this:

But its not just files that you can do this with.  You can also display the names of other types too.  Some examples:
  • Folders
  • Web Sites
  • Windows
  • Clipboards
  • Display Configurations

  • Meta-Folders, Screen Shots, Auto Types & Saved Searches can also display their names.
    Configuring Overlays 

    By default SuperTab does not displaly item names. However, you can turn on item name overlays in SuperTabs Settings.

    Open SuperTab Settings in your System Preferences, click the "More..." button and then select the "Appearance" Tab. Then select the item types you want to have overlay their names on their icons:
    Item Decorations 

    In addition to overlaying item names, you can also customize the appearance of many types of items by applying a badge or a tint color to their icons.

    To decorate an item with a badge or tint color, simply right-click (or control-left-click) on the item to bring up its configure menu. Highlight the "Decorate" menu item and then choose either an image or a tint color from the sub menu.

    You can apply an image AND a color if you wish.

    This lets you take these otherwise identical items:

    And convert them into unique and instantly identifiable items:

    To remove a badge from an item, simply bring up the item's configure menu again and select the "NONE" badge. Similarly, to remove a tint, select the "NONE" tint.
    Custom Overlays

    By default items will overlay their names on their icons. But you can instead set a custom label for any item that supports overlays if you prefer. Simply select "Set Custom Label..." from the Decoration Menu and enter the label you wish to use.