Spotlight Searches
When you perform a Spotlight Search by pressing Command-Shift or clicking the Search icon in the right hand side of your Mac's menu bar and entering search some text, the Mac OS displays the search results in the Spotlight window:
Saving Spotlight Searches
If you have a Spotlight Search that you'd like to perform more than once, the Finder will let you save that search as a Smart Folder. This allows you to open that Saved Search whenever you need to perform the search again and get the latest results.

Saving a Spotlight Search also allows you to add that Search to SuperTab.

To save a Spotlight Search, first scroll to the bottom of the Spotlight Search results and double click "Show all in Finder..."
The Finder will open a window showing the full results of the Spotlight Search. Click the "Save" button in the top right of the results window to save the search.
When you do, the Finder asks where to save it. By default, it suggests the "Saved Searches" folder. We recommend you save to the "Saved Searches" folder, but it isn't necessary.
Add a Search to SuperTab
Once you have a Saved Search, adding it to SuperTab is easy. Simply click the Add Item (+) button in any Custom Items Tab Row. Then select "Saved Spotlight Search..."
You will be presented with a menu from which you can choose any Saved Search that has been saved to the Saved Searches folder. To add a Saved Search that is located elsewhere, use the "Locate Saved Search..." item.
Once added to SuperTab you can:
  1. Left-click the Saved Search to open a new Finder window with the most recent search results
  2. Right-click the Saved Search to display the most recent search results directly in a menu: