Whether  frequently or occassionally, we all need to send files to others via email. Yet for so common a task, it is often very tedious: launch Mail, create a new email, root around in the Finder to find the file to send, then drag it into the email.


With SuperTab, however, it can be as easy as a single-click. Just right-click (or control-click) on any file in any Tab Row and select "Share via Email..."

Instantly, SuperTab launches Mail, creates a new email and attaches the file. Presto! You address the email and you're done.

You can also share via email any files that you've added to Meta-Folders.

Preview before Sharing

If you are sharing an image, text or PDF file SuperTab will show you a preview of the file's contents so you can be sure you are sending exactly what you intend to.

SuperTab Items

SuperTab lets populate any Custom Tab Row with various custom items: Web Sites, Screen Shots, Meta-Folders, Auto Types and Cubbyholes. Click the following buttons to learn more: