Stock Quotes are becoming important to more and more of our lives.

We are pleased to now bring you the ability to add Stock Quote items* directly to SuperTab where you can add any number of stocks to track:

And for each, you can see:
  • Stock price
  • Stock price change
  • Stock price percent change
  • Opening Price and Previous Closing Price
  • Day High and Low prices
  • Price-to-Earnings Ratio
  • Trading Volume

  • Additionally, for each stock, you can add the number of shares you own and the item will compute the value of those shares.

    Simply mouse over a Stock Quote item to quickly see its details:


    You can right-click a Stock Quote Item where you can enter the shares you own, as well as choose which of the following the item displays on its icon:
  • Current price
  • Price Change
  • Percent Change

  • Greater Insight

    To see a Stock in full financial detail, simply click on the item and SuperTab will open a webpage with the most up-to-date data.

    Visit our Custom Items Tab Rows page to learn how to add Stock Quote items to your Custom Items Tab Rows.

    *SuperTab uses a third party to provide stock prices and cannot guarantee prices are real-time or always up-to-date. Always click on a Stock Quote Item to get more accurate information before making any financial decisions.

    Stock Quote Items currently only support U.S. Currency values.