Welcome to SuperTab!  -  "The App that does what Apple should have done!"

When you press Command-Tab on your Mac, Apple provides you with a simple App Switcher:
Many see this as a nice feature.   We see it as a nice start — a start with room for so much more!

And that's why we created SuperTab.

So now, with SuperTab installed, pressing Command-Tab gives you a whole lot more:
Out of the Box
Out of the box, SuperTab gives you Command-Tab access to:
  • Active Applications - your active applications, just the same as the Mac's Application Switcher
  • Dock Items - all the applications, files & folders that you have in your Dock
  • Recent Applications - the applications you've recently opened
  • Recent Documents - the documents you've recently opened
  • Dropbox or Desktop Contents - your Dropbox and its contents (if you use Dropbox). Otherwiwse, your Desktop contents
  • Custom Items - an set of example Web Sites, common folders, MetaFolders, Screen Shots, Clipboards and more

  • Customize SuperTab
    But that's not all. SuperTab is fully customizable to adjust to your working style. You can remove any of the "out of the box" rows of icons -- what we call Tab Rows -- plus create additional ones. You can choose from:
  • Active Applications - your active applications
  • Dock Items - all the items from your Dock
  • Recent Applications - the applications you've recently opened
  • Recent Documents - the documents you've recently opened
  • Snagit Captures - instantly preview, copy, share and open your Snagit Captures
  • Folder Contents - the contents of any folder you choose
  • Dropbox Contents - access to your Dropbox and all its contents
  • Clipboard History - the recent contents of your Mac's Clipboard
  • Application Windows - the open windows of all your running Applications
  • Tagged Items - the files, folders & applications tagged with the Tags you specify*
  • Sidebar Items - items that appear in the "Sidebar" of Finder Windows
  • Custom Items - Custom Items Tab Rows let you choose their contents. Add any:
  • Files, Folder & Applications
  • System Preferences, such as System Notifications, iCloud, Time Machine, etc
  • Multiple Clipboards to keep snippets of Text or Images available for instant re-use
  • Websites, a.k.a Bookmarks to your favorite Web Sites
  • Custom-Configured Screenshots and invoke them with a single click of the mouse
  • Display Configurations to switch to your favorite Display Configurations with a single click
  • Meta-Folders to quickly access any group of files, folders or apps that you choose
  • Saved Spotlight Searches to access the results of a Spotlight Search.
  • Auto-Types and have SuperTab automatically type commonly used phrases for you
  • Want to see SuperTab in action? Check out our Intro Video.

    Do More with More
    Not only do you suddenly have access to much more than just your Active Applications, but you can now do more with the items in your new Tab Rows as well. You can right-click (or control-click) on any item in any Tab Row to access its configuration menu where you can:


  • Configure any application to ensure it is always running exactly when you need it and guarantee you'll never miss an important message, email or Skype call again.

  • Configure any application to hide itself when it has been in the background for the time you specify and minimize window clutter.

  • Configure any application to auto-quit when it has been idle for a time period you select.   Free up memory and reduce unnecessary CPU usage.
  • Instruct any application to bring all of its windows to the foreground when it becomes the frontmost application. Less rooting around for windows, more doing in them.

    Prevent your Mac from showing the screen saver or from going to sleep in the applications you want. Don't get embarrassed during an important presentation -- or worse -- disconnected during an important Goto Meeting!

    Power Perks:

  • New in SuperTab: Clutter Free Folders.

    SuperTab can automatically monitor the folders you want and move less important files into a "Safe Keeping" folder, while still keeping all your important files. Learn More.

  • You can now take advantage of Multiple Clipboards to keep Images and Text Snippets available all the time.

  • SuperTab can also track your Clipboard History, giving you instant access to up to the last 50 Images or Text Snippets you previously copied to the Clipboard.

  • With SuperTab you can assign custom hot keys to any files, folders or applications. Imagine all your important documents and apps literally at your finger tips.

  • As well, you can drill down into the contents of any Folder in SuperTab to find any file, no matter how deep. And best yet, when you do so, the folder will remember the last 8 items accessed. So next time, those files will be ready and waiting for you right away.

  • Keyboard & Mouse Access
    It's not just the Tab key that SuperTab supercharges, for you can activate SuperTab in any or all of the following ways:

  • Press Command-Tab
  • Press Option-Tab
  • Double-Press Command
  • Move your mouse to any corner of the main screen that you designate:
  • This flexibility allows SuperTab to cater to your style, whether you prefer keyboard access, mouse access or both.

    You can even keep the System's Command-Tab App Switcher untouched and fully use SuperTab along side it.

    Voice Control

    SuperTab now offers the ease and simplicity of Voice Control:   Why click or type when you can just speak?

    With Voice Control, you can open or select any item within SuperTab simply by saying "Open" followed by the item's name.

    Now can say simply tell your Mac to:
  • Open Files & Folders
  • Run or Quit Applications
  • Open Web Sites
  • Take Screen Shots
  • Copy or Paste from a SuperTab Clipboard
  • Hide Background Applications
  • Run AppleScripts
  • Type Current Date & Time
  • Open System Preference Panels
  • Perform Saved Spotlight Searches
  • Set your Mac's Display Configuration
  • Type Common Phrases, Your Signature, etc...
  • To learn the in's and out's of SuperTab Voice Control, please visit our Voice Control page.

    Try SuperTab for Free
    If you would like to supercharge your Tab Key, Download SuperTab now for a 30-day free trial.

    After 30 days, you can keep using it in its Trial mode, or you can register SuperTab and keep your Tab Key supercharged for only $10.

    That's 50%-Off its regular $20 price!

    Best of all, included with your registration are free updates to all version 2.x releases of SuperTab.

        30-day free trial

    QuickStart Guide

    To help you quickly setup and use SuperTab, or to learn more about how SuperTab works, we suggest you view the SuperTab QuickStart Guide.

    Or just watch SuperTab in action and check out our SuperTab Intro Video.

    More than just your Files...

    SuperTab brings more than just your Files, Folders & Apps to your fingertips. You can also add Web Sites, Screen Shots, Clipboards, Meta-Folders, Auto Types, Display Configurations and more.

    Click the following icons to learn more:

    *On Macintosh Systems prior to Mavericks, this Tab Row will use Finder Labels instead of Finder Tags.