Countdown Timers
Got something important quickly coming up? Need to make sure you really, really don't miss it!

No need to pull out your phone -- just set a Countdown Timer in SuperTab!

Creating a Timer
To create a Timer, simply click on the        button of a Custom Items Tab Row and select Timer.

Setting a Timer
Once the Timer has been added, you can easily set the Timer in two ways:

Right Click

You can right click on a Timer to quickly set the Timer to 1, 5 or 15 minute preset times:
Left Click

Or, you can left click on a Timer to set it to any length of time you want:
Here you can set a custom time by:

1. Gesturing up & down on your Track pad.

2. Scrolling your mouse scroll wheel, or gesturing
     up & down on your Magic Mouse.

Starting a Timer
Once you've set the time, simply click Start to begin the countdown.

Once started, whenever you activate SuperTab, you'll see the timer counting down.

Adjusting a Timer
Of course, sometimes things take longer than anticipated. If you need to adjust the Timer, you can do so in two ways:
1. Right Click on the Timer to quickly add 30
     seconds, 1, 5, 15 minutes or 1 hour.

2. Left Click on the Timer to bring up the custom
     time definition window where you can adjust the
     time however you need.

     Note: if you hold down any modifier key while
     setting the custom time, you will change
     the time more quickly.

Reaching Zero
When the Timer eventually reaches zero, you will a notification:

Pausing and Resuming a Timer
If you need to pause or resume a Timer before it reaches zero, you can Left or Right Click and select Pause or Resume.

Cancelling Timer
Similarly, to cancel a Timer, you can Left or Right Click and select Stop.