Welcome  to the 2.0 release of SuperTab. SuperTab now contains many new features and enhancements that make it more customizable, flexible, easier to use and more robust than ever before.

Here is a quick list of the most exciting recent new features:
  • Drag and Drop Support
  • Enhanced Screen Shot Capabilities
  • Clipboard History Tab Rows
  • More Interface Customization
  • Multiple Clipboards
  • Spotlight Search Support
  • Display Configuration Items
  • Several Tab Row Enhancements
  • If you are not yet familiar with SuperTab, we recommend you also visit the SuperTab Introduction page.

    Drag and Drop

    SuperTab has been newly enhanced by fully integrating the power and simplicity of Drag and Drop. Finally you can interact with SuperTab in the natural way that the original Mac brought you!
  • Drag Files, Folders and Applications to instantly add them to SuperTab.
  • Drag Text and Images into SuperTab to create new Clipboard Items with the text and image contents.
  • Drag Files onto Applications in SuperTab to open them in those Applications.
  • Drag URLs of web sites to create new Web Site bookmarks in SuperTab.
  • Drag items within SuperTab to rearrange them or move them between Tab Rows.
  • Drag Clippings and Clipboard Items from SuperTab into other applications or documents.
  • Clipboard History

    If you work with lots of Text and Images, then you'll find SuperTab's new Clipboard History Tab Row to be indespensible!

    Simple to use, you can track recently copied Text, Images or both! Or create two Clipbord History Tab Rows -- one for Text and one for Images.

    You can configure each History as follows:
  • Track Text, Images or both.
  • Track the last 10, 25 or 50 clippings.
  • Indicate whether to Copy or Paste when a clipping is selected.

  • To re-access a clipping from the History, just select it from the Tab Row - it'll be Copied to your Mac's Clipboard or Pasted directly into the frontmost App, whichever you've chosen.

    As well, you can drag a clipping directly into an App. Or drag it onto a Custom Items Tab Row to create a new Clipboard Item with the clippings contents -- this way you can ensure that any important clipping will be accessible indefinitely!
    Clipboard Items

    For those times that you want to keep a snippet of Text or an image available at all times, then you'll love SuperTab's new Clipboard Items.

    To set the contents of a Clipboard Item, simply drag and drop a Text or Image clipping to it. Or highlight them item and Paste via Command-V to set it to the current System Clipboard.

    Once set you can configure each clipboard to give it a custom name, and to specify whether to Copy it to your Mac's Clipboard or Paste it directly into the front App when selected in SuperTab.

    You can also drag and drop it into another App or highlight it can press Command-C to copy it to your Mac's Clipboard.
    Display Configurations

    Also new to SuperTab in version 2.0 is the ability to capture your Mac's Display Configuration with a single click and then restore that configuration -- also with just a single click!

    First add a new Display Configuration Item to your Custom Items Tab Row:

    Then click on it to capture the current Configuration of your Mac's Displays.

    The Item will capture the size and location of each of your Mac's Displays.

    Then anytime you want to set your Mac to that configuration, simply click the item to instantly switch to its captured configuration.

    If you often switch back and forth between Display Configurations, capture each in a SuperTab Item and switch effortlessly between them with a single click!

    Even if you only use a single display but sometimes switch its resolution, you can create two Display Configuration Items to capture each resolution and switch between them with a single click.

    With SuperTab's new approach of capturing a configuration into a single, clickable item, you are now freed from manually setting each display's size and the relative position of each Display. It's SuperTab simple!
    Improved Screen Shots

    SuperTab's already powerful Screen Shot Items have been enhanced to be more flexible and more powerful.

    You can now:
  • Hide Desktop Icons during screen shots.
  • Specify the App to open your screen shots in.
  • Capture a selected area after a delay.
  • Capture a selected Window after a delay.
  • Capture back-to-back screen shots by holding down the Command Key.
  • Access your saved screen shots either in a new Tab Row or via pop up menu.
  • Share, Copy, Move & Delete your saved screen shots as you see fit...
  • New Interface Options

    Everyone loves SuperTab -- but everyone loves SuperTab their way!
    That's why we've added even more options to customize SuperTab's interface.
    Now you have the ability to:
  • Specify the Max Width of SuperTab.
  • Choose a Backdrop Color.
  • Specify the Backdrop Opacity.
  • Indicate the Backdrop Blur Amount.
  • Together these -- along with SuperTab's previous interface options -- give you even greater control and a wider range over the appearance of SuperTab.

    Some new feature examples:
    Adjusting Maximum Width:
    Adding Blur:
    Adding & Configuration the Backdrop:
    Spotlight Search Support

    You can now add your saved Spotlight Searches to SuperTab where you can quickly open their Search Results.
    Right-Click on a Saved Search folder to show its Search Results directly within SuperTab.

    Or Left-Click on a Saved Search to open a window in the Finder which will display the results of the Saved Search...
    Tab Row Enhancements

    We've made several enhancements to Tab Rows in general that together add up to a more streamlined, a more configurable and more seamless experience when using SuperTab:
  • Several Tab Rows have gained the abilty to be configured by clicking an a new "gear" icon in their titles.
  • Dock Files, Dock Applications and All Dock Items have been combined into one configurable "Dock Items" Tab Row.
  • Front Application Windows and All Application Windows have been combined into one configurable "Application Windows" Tab Row.
  • The Active Applications tab Row now has Hide all Background apps option to keep only the current App visible.
  • Custom Items Tab Rows now include icons in its menu of items to add, visually simplifying adding items.
  • Custom Items Tab Rows now offer the option of a quick selection of common System folders when adding a folder.
  • Your Home, Utilities and Library folders have been added as options for Folder Contents Tab Rows.
  • The newly combined Application Windows Tab Row specifically has several new features:
  • When possible, windows now appear with their actual window contents (instead of as a generic window icon).
  • Each window is now badged with the icon of the App that owns it for easier identification.
  • You can now choose to exclude minimized windows or include them by displaying placeholders for them.
  • You can now press the W key to close the currently highlighted window item.
  • As well, the Folder Contents Tab Row has gained the powerful new ability to customize the sort order of its contents:
  • You can specify how to sort the order of the contents: by Name, Size, Creation Date or Modification Date.
  • You can also indicate whether to list the contents with files first, folders first, or as naturally mixed.
  • Even More Improvements

    There is still more to SuperTab 2.0! For a complete list of features, enhancements and bug fixes, see the SuperTab Release History page.

    More to SuperTab

    If you are new to SuperTab, we invite to explore more of the other features that SuperTab offers you. We therefore recommend you visit the SuperTab Introduction and the SuperTab QuickStart Guide.

    Or click the following icons to learn a bit more about specific SuperTab features: