For Many People their daily life is all about their schedule. Others have only occasional events.

But at the end of the day, almost everyone needs quick access to their Calendar. That's why we added the "Calendar Items" Tab Row to SuperTab.

Your Events

When you create a Calendar Items Tab Row, you will see your events starting with Today.

Events are listed chronologically with any event in the past grayed out and and events that are actively happening highlighted in green.

You can click on any Date Header item to collapse or expand that day's list of events.
As You Like Them

When you create a Calendar Items Tab Row, you can configure it as you want.

You can:
  • Choose the Date Range
  • Display Start Time or Time Until
  • Select the Calendars to include
  • Opt to include All Day events or not
  • Opt to include Past events or not
  • Select a 12 or 24 hour clock

  • See Creating Tab Rows and Configuring Tab Rows for help creating and configuring a Calendar Items Tab Row.
    Event Details

    Hover over any event to see its complete details.
    For each event you can quick see:
  • Title
  • Start and End Time
  • The Organizer
  • Location
  • Associated URL
  • Status
  • Host Calendar
  • The Attendees
  • Event Notes
  • The color of each event indicates which Calendar it belongs to.
    Event Actions

    Left-click an event to open it in Calendar. Right-click an event to work with the event directly.

    From the event's menu, you can:
  • Open the Event
  • Delete the Event
  • Copy the Event Notes
  • Open any URL found the Event
  • Email the Organizer
  • Email all Attendees
  • Email any email address found in the Event
  • Create Quick Events

    If you want to quickly create a new event, simply click the        button. You'll be taken to your Calendar where you can type in details to create a new event, such as:
  • Thursday 3pm Call Mom
  • Pick up cleaning next Monday at 1pm
  • Meet with Jen about Marketing Plan at 4pm
  • Buy Tickets tonight