Recent Applications
SuperTab lets you access your Recent Applications from within the App Switcher:
In addition to simply opening your Recent Applications, you can also:
  • Right-Click on Applications to configure their behavior or access their Windows
  • Drag files from the Finder or other Tab Rows onto an Application to open them

  • Excluding Applications

    If there is an Application that you don't want displayed in the Recent Applications Tab Row, you can exclude it from the list.

    Simply Right-Click (or Control-Left-Click) on an Application and from its configure menu select "Do not show this Application in Recent Applications" This adds the Application to the "Do Not Show" list and removes it from the display.

    Undoing Exclusions

    You can clear the "Do Not Show" list by selecting "Clear Do Not Show" list from the Tab Row's configure menu.

    When you clear the list, all previously excluded Applications will be re-displayed in the Tab Row.
    See Creating Tab Rows and Configuring Tab Rows for help creating and configuring a Recent Applications Tab Row.