SuperTab  now completes the trifecta of All-Things-Recent with the new Recent Folders Tab Row.

You can configure Recent Folders by mousing over its title and clicking the gear to the left of the title:
Here you can choose to:
  • Include Folders that you open in the Finder
  • Include Folders that contain recently opened Documents
  • Sort the Folders by Date added to the Tab Row
  • Sort by Folder Name
  • Remove Folder

    You can mouse over any folder and click its       close box to remove the folder from the Tab Row.

    This removes it from the Tab Row, but it will remain eligible to be re-added later.
    Prevent Folder

    If you wish to permenently keep a folder from being added to the Tab Row, right-click the folder and select "Do Not Show".

    This will add the folder to the Tab Row's "Do Not Show" list and therefore keep it permenantly from appearing in Recent Folders.
    Clear "Do Not Show" List

    If you have added a folder to the "Do Not Show" list and now wish to remove it, you can do so by mousing over the title of the Recent Folders Tab Row, clicking the gear next to the title, then selecting "Clear Do Not Show List".
    Note that this removes all previously added folders from the list, making them all eligible to appear in the Tab Row.