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"If you want quick access to nearly everything on your Mac...
then you need SuperTab for Mac."

-- Bakari Chavanu, makeuseof SuperTab Review

Mac Informer Editor's pick award
SuperTab has won the Editor's Pick Award from Mac Informer!

SuperTab "worked flawlessly. should buy SuperTab for your Mac if you wish to have easy and quick access to your apps, files, and folders."

-- Ashley Griggs, mac.informer Review:  5 of 5 Stars

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"...the Dock is embarrassingly limited when compared to an alternative application like SpriTec’s SuperTab."

"A Fast and Customizable Task-Switcher to Enhance Your Productivity."

"Do we recommend SuperTab for Mac?  Absolutely yes!"  -- the sweet bits  

"A practical and very easy-to-use application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly access your files, apps, folders and documents."

-- George Popescu, SoftPedia Review:  5 of 5 Stars

"SuperTab does a ton of different things… It's a surprisingly robust little app that's well worth digging into…"

-- Thorin Klosowski, LifeHacker Review

"SuperTab leaves Apple’s traditional application launcher in the dust [and] reduces the need for other applications because it can initiate screenshots, paste snippets of text, and auto hide or quit selected running applications in the background."

-- Bakari Chavanu, makeuseof Review

"I must say that SuperTab is now in my top list of apps and a ‘must-have’ on my Mac. I’ve looked at various switcher apps in the past and wasted money of a lot, but SuperTab really delivers! "

-- Daron Brewood, SuperTab User

"Best app ever. The thing I love about your app is that I don't have to think about it... it's very natural!" -- Steven Taylor

"Btw, I thought SuperTab 1 was good. The new version is changing the way I use my Mac. It's the highest praise possible. Thank you for doing this amazing work." -- Ikem Nzeribe

"The new features ROCK. SuperTab has quickly become one of my essential apps." -- Paul Lagasse

"You’ve hit this out of the park. This is now an indispensable tool for me, right up there with Bartender and BetterSnapTool." -- Leigh Gustafson

"SuperTab is truly awesome!" -- Lex Maharaj

"SuperTab is just a plain game changer and I thank you for it! I hadn’t even trialed the FinerFocus program, but I figured I’d get both since I can already imagine the benefits." -- Tim D.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!!!" -- Esther Warda

"What a great application! So useful and customisable!" -- Ian

"After a month of using it I don't know how I functioned without it! I love this app and use it all the time now!" -- Emily Kelly

"I've just started using SuperTab, and I love it. I've already replaced 2 other programs I was using to do the same things." -- Cory Poulson

"This is the most versatile tab switcher out there. Well thought out, easy on the eye and easy to use. It took only three minutes of playing with the demo before I decided to buy." -- Aprilmayjune

"Your software solution is great!! What a good productivity tool that you have created." -- Bjarne Mindested

"I love your tool. It’s all kinds of awesome." -- David Orriss Jr.

"So far, I like SuperTab a lot... You are in rare company. I don't add applications and/or utilities willy-nilly." -- Geoff Thompson

"I just love this app - it’s so very very functional. Keep up the good work!" -- Peter

"I am rather new to the Mac (since 2008), but SuperTab is ****BY FAR**** the best tool of its kind. And I have tried a lot of such programs in these 7 years." -- Theo (from Germany)

"I have been using your app for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. Great features, and my workflow has changed significantly since installing. Great stuff all around." -- Keith Armonaitis

"Hey I love this tool! Great job!!!!" -- Jason Hendricks

"Thx for a very great Job... I love SuberTab for my Workflow." -- Alexander Gregor

"Fantastic help for my workflow! It is fast, easy to configure and gives you a great number of options to make life faster while at work." -- Ploth

"This program is excellent. It provides any number of options for configuring various launchers (as well as being a program switcher). It’s highly customizable. And the developer has been exceptionally responsive to a number of requests I’ve made." -- Lvdoc

"I really like the functionality of Super Tab and think it is a great asset to the Mac system." -- Les Helms

"I'm using SuperTab and its functionality [is] impressive. Thanks for putting together such a great app." -- Otto Rodriguez

"I wish you developed this for Windows. Clutter Free Folders is a dream!!!!!!!!!" -- Tony Edelbrock, Windows User

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