Active Applications gives you instant access to your Active Applications -- just like the standard App Switcher.

However, SuperTab's enhanced version also gives you a lot more:
  • Optionally show "Active Indicators" beneath Running Applications
  • Optionally include the Windows of the frontmost Application
  • Right-Click on Applications to configure their behavior or access their Windows
  • Drag files from the Finder or other Tab Rows onto an Application to open them
  • Keep all background Applications Hidden
  • Quit & Hide any Application
  • Dim hidden Applications
  • Configure

    You can configure Active Applications as you see fit via its configure menu.

    As well, the configure menu lets you easily quit all applications and hide all applications other than the frontmost application.

    See Configuring Tab Rows to see how to configure the Active Applications Tab Row.
    Active Keys

    When using Active Applications, you can press the following keys to perform helpful actions:
    SCycle through previewing the windows of the currently selected Application
    HHide the currently selected Application (without dismissing SuperTab)
    QQuit the currently selected Application (without dismissing SuperTab)
    OOpen the currently selected Application (without dismissing SuperTab)
    WClose the currently selected Window
    ReturnOpen the currently selected Application
    Pressing S will cycle through the selected appliation's windows, previewing each one at a time.