Working With Files
SuperTab not only provides you with several ways of opening your files, it also lets you do much more with them.

Live Preview
When you hover the mouse over file in the App Switcher, SuperTab will display a preview of the file's contents if the file is one of these previewable types:

  • Text
  • Image
  • PDF
  • Video
  • See Previewing Files for more.

    Configure Menu

    When you Right-Click (or Control-Left-Click) on a file in an Tab Row in the App Switcher, its configure menu will appear.

    From this menu you can:
  • Decorate the file to give it a custom appearance
  • Share via Email any file
  • Copy the contents of Text and Image files to the clipboard
  • Add or remove Tags & Labels from any file
  • Define a custom Hot Key to let you open the file anywhere
  • Move the file to the Trash