Hot Keys  are a powerful way that SuperTab empowers you to more quickly and easily access almost everything on your Mac. With SuperTab, you can assign a custom, System-wide Hot Key to almost each item in your Tab Row.

So, with a single hot key, you can now instantly:
  • Launch Apps
  • Open Files
  • Open Folders
  • Open Web Sites
  • Open any System Preference
  • Take different kinds of Screen Shots
  • Access your Dropbox and all its contents
  • Instantly type any custom phrase, username/password pair, the current date or time with Auto Type items
  • Access the contents of any Meta-Folder at any time
  • Copy or Paste the contents of a Clipboard
  • Change your Display Configuration
  • Perform saved Spotlight Searches
  • And more!

    Assigning Hot Keys

    To set a Hot Key for an Tab Row item, simply right-click (or control-left-click) on the the item. This brings up the item's configuration menu.

    Then select "Set Hot Key..." from the item's menu.

    If you previously defined an item's Hot Key, you can select it from the Sub Menu to edit it, or select "Clear Hot Key" to remove it.

    When defining a hot key, you are presented with the window shown below. When prompted to type the shortcut, simply press the key combination you wish to assign to the item and click the OK button. You can use any combination of modifiers and almost all other keys to define the hot key. (Note that any unusuable key is reserved by Apple).

    That's it!

    Now when you when you press the key combination that you defined, it will invoke that item, be it to open an app, a file, folder, a website or anything else. It just doesn't get any easier to access all the things on your Mac than with a custom Hot Key!