SuperTab Settings lets you configure SuperTab's enhanced App Switcher to work and look just as you prefer.

Open Settings

You can open SuperTab's Settings by Selecting "System Preferences..." from the Apple menu and then clicking the SuperTab icon.

You can also open SuperTab's Settings by activating SuperTab, clicking the title of any Tab Row and selecting "SuperTab Settings..."
Activation Settings

The main section of SuperTab's Settings lets you configure how you wish to activate SuperTab's App Switcher and Voice Control.

There are various methods to activate both, using either the keyboard or mouse. We recommend you experiment with the various methods and learn which best suits you.
Keyboard Activation

When activating SuperTab via Option-Tab or Command-Tab, you need to keep Option or Command (whichever you used) pressed for the App Switcher to remain visible.

You can change this default behavior. See "Interface Persistence" below.
Mouse Activation

SuperTab now has Multiple Monitor Support.

As such, you can use the Hot Corners of any monitor attached to your Mac to activate SuperTab or Voice Control.

See "Options" below for details.
A Note on Command-Tab Activation

Note that you may need to grant SuperTab certain System access in order to activate SuperTab via Command-Tab. To do so:

    • Open "System Preferences".
    • Click the "Security & Privacy" icon.
    • Click the "Privacy" tab.
    • Click the "Accessibility" item in the left hand list.
    • If the lock in the lower left shows as "locked", click on it and enter your credentials.
    • Check the check box next to "".

To determine which System version your Mac is running, choose "About This Mac" from the Apple menu.

Product Registration

To register your copy of SuperTab, or to validate or unregister your active registration, click the "Registration" button in the lower right of the window.

    • If you need help with your registration, visit Registration Help.
    • If you need to re-register SuperTab, visit Re-Registering.

More Options

To access SuperTab's additional settings, press the "More..." button in the lower left of the window.

To configure the appearance of SuperTab's enhanced App Switcher, click on the "Appearance" tab:
In Appearance you can:

    • Choose the Color, Opacity, Icon size range, and Maximum width of your Tab Rows.
    • Configure the backdrop, which helps obscure the rest of your windows while SuperTab's interface is displayed.
    • Select which types of items whose names you want overlaid on their icons.  See Item Name Overlays.

More settings are available under the Options Tab:
In Options you can:

    • Specify the "stickiness", or persistence, of the App Switcher when activated by keyboard.
    • Indicate which Monitors the App Switcher will appear on when activated by mouse and keyboard.
    • Enable or Disable Auto Update and indicate whether Video previews should play audio.

The Keystrokes tab lists the action-keys available to you when using SuperTab's enhanced App Switcher:

At any time in the "More" section of SuperTab Settings you can press the "Preview" button to see how SuperTab will look and behave as you configure its settings.