Voice Control is the power of the voice, brought to SuperTab.

Because there's always a better way...

Apple gave us the Mac.  We gave the Mac SuperTab.  And now SuperTab gives you the power to simply ask for what you want.

Beginning with SuperTab 2.2, you can now access virtually all your SuperTab items by voice.  Some of the things you can do:
  • Open Files & Folders
  • Run or Quit Applications
  • Open Web Sites
  • Take Screen Shots
  • Copy or Paste from a SuperTab Clipboard
  • Run AppleScripts
  • Perform Saved Spotlight Searches
  • Set your Mac's Display Configuration
  • Hide Background Applications
  • Open System Preference Panels
  • Type Current Date & Time
  • Type Common Phrases, Your Signature, etc...

  • To open a SuperTab item, activate Voice Control and say "Open" followed by the item's name.
    To perform other commands, activate Voice Control and speak the command. (See below)

    See Voice Control in action in our new Voice Control Video.

    To use Voice Control, you first need to activate it, which
    you can do by way of the following options:
  • Holding down Control-Option-Command
  • Holding down Shift-Control-Option
  • While Capslock is in Effect
  • Moving your mouse to any Hot Corner of your Mac's Main Screen

  • Open your Mac's System Preferences and select SuperTab to access SuperTab's Settings. There you can choose the methods you wish to use to activate SuperTab's Voice Control...

    Note: SuperTab's Voice Control is available only on macOS versions 10.10 ("Yosemite") and later.

    Using Voice Control

    When you activate Voice Control, you'll first hear a small two-tone whistle. This indicates that your Mac is listening. As well, you'll see the standard Mac Microphone Window:

    At this point, just speak!

    Opening SuperTab Items

    To Open (aka select or invoke) a SuperTab item, just say "Open" followed by the item's name.  For exmaple:

  • "Open Mail"
  • "Open Downloads"
  • "Open Apple Home Page"

  • Performing Other Commands

    There are a few commands built-in to SuperTab that you can also perform:
  • "Open Application Name" will also open applications that are in your Applications or Utilities Folders.
  • "Quit Application Name" will quit the running application with the matching name.
  • "Hide Background Applications" will hide all applications except the current application.
  • "Take a Screen Shot" will show a Palette of Screen Shot types that you can choose from to take a Screen Shot:

  • Of course, if you want even more flexibility in taking Screen Shots by voice, just create your own SuperTab
    Screen Shots, configure them exactly as you want and trigger them by saying "Open Screen Shot Name".

    Multiple Commands

    You are not limited to just one command at a time. You can activate Voice Control and issue as many commands as you wish.

    Just speak them one at a time, and then, when done, you can deactivate Voice Control.

    When you have issued all the commands you want for the moment, you deactivate Voice Control by undoing the action you took to activate it in the first place.

    That could be releasing the keyboard modifier keys, releasing Capslock, or moving the mouse of from an activation corner.

    Upon deactivation, you will hear an acknowlegement tone if Voice Control recognized your commands. As well, the Mac Microphone Window will close.
    Best Results

    Voice Recognition isn't perfect yet, but used in the right way it can give very accurate results -- even with your Mac's built-in microphone.

    Nonetheless, here are some tips to enusre the best results when using Voice Control:
  • Wait until you hear the two-tone whistle before speaking.
  • Keep Voice Control activated for a few seconds even after you finish speaking.
  • Reduce or eliminate background noise.
  • Speak clearly and deliberately.
  • Use an external, quality microphone that is well positioned for picking up your speech.
  • See Voice Control Set Up for additional information.


    When Voice Control is active, you can click the "Show" button on the Mac Microphone Window to get a list of the full set of commands that SuperTab offers:

    Additionally, you can deactivate the acknowledgement sounds associated with Voice Control.

    Open SuperTab's Settings in System Preferences, click the "More..." button and then the "Options" Tab: