Welcome  to SuperTab 4 (version 4.1)
SuperTab 4 is a major upgrade to SuperTab with the following exciting new features:
  • Compatibility with macOS Catalina
  • Tab Row Splitting
  • Recent Folders Tab Row
  • Stopwatch and Countdown Timer Items
  • Dock Items Tab Row now supports Apple's Hand-Off
  • Application Windows can now include Windows from all Spaces
  • Screen Shots now support Video Capture and Interactive modes on Mojave
  • Drag-and-drop Images and Text Clippings from apps directly into SuperTab
  • Desktop Folder Contents now have option to include Desktop Disk Drives
  • Present SuperTab or select SuperTab items using AppleScript
  • SuperTab now has Built-in Auto Update and a new Set Up Wizard
  • Finally, there are New Tab Row Colors, AutoType enhancements, fixes, and more...
  • Tab Row Splitting

    Are you ready to maximize your SuperTab layout?

    Because SuperTab now lets you split your Tab Rows to get more rows in the same space!
    Each row can now hold one, two or even three Tab Rows.

    And splitting is easy! So is making a previously Split Tab Row stand back on its own as a full-width Tab Row.

    Take a deeper look to see how it works.

    Recent Folders

    SuperTab 4 now completes the trifecta of All-Things-Recent with the new Recent Folders Tab Row.
    Better yet, you control how Recent Folders tracks folders, and how it sorts them:


    Sometimes we all need to track how long something takes.

    Now you can do so quickly and easily from within SuperTab with the new Stopwatch item.
    Once started, you monitor the Stopwatch directly within SuperTab.

    Or you can do so with a larger, stand-alone Stopwatch Display:
    Visit our Stopwatch page to learn more.

    Countdown Timers

    Along the same lines, we all sometimes need to set timers to make sure we don't lose track of time and miss something important.

    And SuperTab 4 now lets you create any number of Timers that you may need.
    And like Stopwatches, once started, you can monitor Timers within SuperTab.

    Or you can do so with a larger, stand-alone Timer Display:
    Of course, sometimes we all need a little extra time to get stuff done, so SuperTab makes it easy to extend your Timers.
    Visit our Timer page to learn more.

    Hand Off

    SuperTab's replacement of the Dock is now complete with the addition of Hand Off support.
    Now, whenever you start a message, email or other transferable task on your iPhone or iPad and want to continue it on your Mac, you can do so all within SuperTab.

    Simply click on the Hand Off icon and finish the task on your Mac.

    Visit the Dock Items page for full details.

    Application Windows

    Upon popular request, we have enhanced the Application Windows Tab Row in two key ways:
  • You can now include windows from across all Spaces
  • You can opt to not display the pop up preview images when a window is highlighted

  • Video & Interactive Screen Captures

    Mac OS X Mojave added several powerful enhancements to screen capturing on the Mac.

    And now SuperTab has been improved to let you use these enhancements with just a single click:
    Here you can:
  • Interactively capture a selected area
  • Capture just a specific window
  • Make a Video recording of your Screen
  • Select among several Video Capture options
  • Choose among various destinations for your Screen Capture
  • Post-Processing

    Also new to SuperTab Screen Shots on Mojave: you can leverage the system's "Post-Processing" interface.

    And you can leverage this for both Interactive and traditional SuperTab Screen Shots:
    Here you can:
  • Mark up your Capture
  • Rotate your Capture
  • Crop your Capture
  • Add text to your Capture
  • Share your Capture

  • Drag and Drop Images & Text

    SuperTab has long had drag and drop support of files and of items within SuperTab. But it has long lacked the ability to drag images and text snippets directly onto SuperTab from Brwoser windows and other applications.

    Until now, that is!

    Just drag an image or some text, activate SuperTab as you normally do, then drop the selection into SuperTab.
  • Drop onto an Application to open the selection
  • Drop into a folder to save the selection as a new file within the folder
  • Drop into a Custom Items Tab Row to create a new Clipboard Item set to the selection.

  • AppleScript

    If you're an avid AppleScripter, we are excited to share that you can now use AppleScript to do the following with SuperTab:
  • Activate SuperTab
  • De-activate SuperTab
  • Invoke items within SuperTab (to open files, take screenshots, start timers, invoke Auto Types...)
  • Invoke sub-items within SuperTab (such as within MetaFolders).

  • Auto Update

    Never miss a release of SuperTab again!

    With built-in Auto Update, you'll be among the first to learn about all future releases of SuperTab to ensure you always have the latest and greatest SuperTab!

    Try SuperTab for Free
    If you're curious, why not Download SuperTab and try it for free for 30 days.
    After 30 days, you can purchase SuperTab for only $10. That's 50%-Off its regular $20 price during our 4 Sale!

    Included with your purchase are free updates to all 4.x releases of SuperTab.

    Supported Systems

    SuperTab is compatible with the following versions of Mac OS X:
  • "Catalina" (10.15)
  • "Mojave" (10.14)
  • "High Sierra" (10.13)
  • "Sierra" (10.12)
  • "El Capitan" (10.11)
  • "Yosemite" (10.10)
  • "Mavericks" (10.9)
  • * Voice Control available only on versions 10.10 and later.

        30-day free trial