Working with Folders

SuperTab gives you easy access to your frequently used folders -- right in the App Switcher.

Better yet, SuperTab also provides several powerful tools you can use to work with your folders and their contents.

Configure Menu

When you Right-Click (or Control-Left-Click) on a Folder in the App Switcher, the Configure Menu for that folder pops up:

The top portion of the menu lets you work with the folder itself, while the bottom portion is dedicated working with the folder's contents.

For the folder itself, the configure menu lets you:
  • Decorate the folder to give it a unique appearance
  • Add or Remove Tags and Labels
  • Define a Hot Key for the folder
  • Manage the folders contents, where you can:
  • Configure the configure menu (See below)
  • Set up Clutter Free Folders on this folder

  • Folder Contents

    The lower portion of the folder's configure menu gives you access to the folder's contents in the "Contents" section:

    The "Contents" section gives you access to the folder's full contents.

    It starts by just listing the initial contents of the folder, but you can easily expand the menu to access the full contents:
  • Select the "-- More --" item; or
  • Hover the Mouse over the "-- More --" item for a second; or
  • Scroll your Mouse Wheel or perform a scrolling gesture
  • Recent Items

    When you open item within the folder from the configure menu, it gets marked as a "Recent Item" for the folder.

    In response the configure menu will now also include a "Recent Items" section.

    Now you have access to the folder's full contents with easier access to your recent items.
    Managing Contents

    You can further manage the content's of the folder by selecting "Manage Contents..." from the configure menu.

    Again, this lets you:
  • Configure the configure menu
  • Set up Clutter Free Folders on this folder
  • Selecting "Manage Contents..." will bring up the following dialog for the folder:

    You configure the folder's configure menu in the "Configure Menu" Tab, where you can:
  • Choose whether or not to include the Recent Items section.
  • Choose whether or not to include a new Automatically Moved Items section.
       See the Clutter Free Folders page to learn more.
  • Choose whether or not to include the Contents section.
  • Select the Sort Order, Criteria and Grouping of the Folder's Contents to list them by Name or Date
       and to groupthem with Files first, Folders first, or as naturally occurring.
  • Recent Folders

    SuperTab 4.0 now lets you create Recent Folders Tab Rows to give you instant access to the folders that you recently used...
    You can even customize how Recent Folders tracks folders, and how it sorts them:
    Nested Contents

    In addition to accessing the immediate contents of a folder, you also drill down into any levels of folders simply by highlighting a folder for a brief moment. A sub menu will appear with the contents of that folder's contents. You can repeat this as many times as you need to find the file you're looking for.
    Working with Files

    When you hover over any file in the folder's configure menu, a submenu for it will appear where you can work with the file:
  • Discard the file
  • Show the file in the Finder
  • Share the file via Email
  • Preview the file (if it is an image file)

  • See Working with Files for more details.

    If you bring up the configure menu for your Downloads folder, SuperTab will also include an "Active Downloads" section if you have any downloads in progress:
    Clutter Free Folders

    You can use Clutter Free Folders to automatically reduce the clutter of any folder on your Mac. See Clutter Free Folders.

    When you do, SuperTab will also include an "Automatically Moved Items" section, giving you instant access to items that have been automatically moved to a "Safe Keeping" folder.