The System Dock is a key launch pad for many Mac Users.

And now SuperTab makes the entire contents of your Dock available to you right in your App Switcher for the easist of access:
Better yet, SuperTab let's you configure which Dock items to include in the Tab Row:
  • Include All Applications, Files and Folders
  • Include just Applications
  • Include just Files and Folders
  • Show the Trash
  • Show Apple's Hand Off
  • See Creating Tab Rows and Configuring Tab Rows for help creating and configuring a Dock Items Tab Row.

    Hand Off

    SuperTab's imitation of the Dock is now complete with the addition of Hand Off support.
    Now, whenever you start a message, email or other transferable task on your iPhone or iPad and want to continue it on your Mac, you can do so all within SuperTab.

    Simply click on the Hand Off icon and finish the task on your Mac.

    Double Dock

    Many SuperTab users have quite a lot of items in their Docks and find it useful to actually create two Dock Items Tab Rows.

    In the first they display their Applications. And in the second they display their Files and Folders.
    Working with Dock Items

    SuperTab also provides you with ways to work with your Dock Items that the System Dock simply cannot match, such as:
  • Previewing the contents of Text, Image and PDF files
  • Easily sharing files via email
  • Enhanced folder contents access: recently accessed items, all items, drill down into sub-folders, etc
  • Adding or Removing Tags and Labels
  • Assigning Hot Keys