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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Mac OS X Versions does SuperTab run on?
After Upgrading SuperTab, it isn't working any more. How do I fix it?
After Upgrading the System on my Mac, SuperTab isn't working anymore. Help!
When I press Command-Tab I still get the Standard Mac App Switcher instead of SuperTab. What's wrong?
I can't seem to Activate SuperTab via any keyboard method. What's going on?
When I download SuperTab my Mac tells me the SuperTab dmg is corrupt. What can I do?
When I try to register SuperTab it says my Registration Code is Invalid. What do I do?
I am unable to see my Calendar Items within SuperTab. What can I do?
SuperTab's Voice Control isn't working for me. What's going on?
Why is my Recent Documents / Recent Applications Tab Row empty?
How can I change the Color, Size or Opacity of my Tab Rows?
I want to Quit and Relaunch SuperTab. How do I do that?
I misplaced my SuperTab Registration Code. How can I recover it?
How do I fully Uninstall SuperTab?
I use the app Little Snitch and it says that "WebPageImager" is making internet calls. What's going on?
I have a Feature Request. Can I submit it?

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