Welcome to SuperTab - "The App that does what Apple should have done!"

When you press Command-Tab on your Mac, Apple provides you with a simple App Switcher:
Why settle for just Apps when -- with SuperTab installed -- you get so much more:
Out of the Box
Out of the box, SuperTab expands the App Switcher to include:
  • Active Applications & Application Windows - Active Applications on the left, all Active Application Windows on the right
  • Recent Applications & Recent Documents & Recent Folders - the items you've recently opened
  • Dock Items - all the applications, files & folders that you have in your Dock
  • Custom Items - example Web Sites, Screen Shots, Clipboards, Folders, Meta-Folders and more
  • Desktop Contents & Clipboard History - Your Desktop contents on the left, Clipboard History on the right

  • Customize SuperTab
    But that's not all. SuperTab lets you customizable the App Switcher to suit your working style. You can remove any of the "out of the box" rows of icons -- what we call Tab Rows -- plus create additional ones. You can choose from:
  • Active Applications - your active applications
  • Application Windows - all windows of all applications in all Spaces
  • Recent Applications - the applications you've recently opened
  • Recent Documents - the documents you've recently opened
  • Recent Folders - the folders you've recently accessed
  • Folder Contents - the contents of any folder you choose
  • Dock Items - some or all the items from your Dock
  • Calendar Items - instantly see your Calendar Items and their details
  • Clipboard History - the recent contents of your Mac's Clipboard
  • Dropbox Contents - access to your Dropbox and all its contents
  • Tagged Items - the files, folders & applications with the Tags or Labels you specify
  • Finder Sidebar Items - items that appear in the "Sidebar" of Finder Windows
  • Snagit Captures - instantly preview, copy, share and open your Snagit Captures
  • Custom Items - Custom Items Tab Rows let you choose their contents. Add any:
  • Files, Folders & Applications
  • System Preferences, such as System Notifications, iCloud, Time Machine, etc
  • Multiple Clipboards to keep snippets of Text or Images available for instant re-use
  • Web Site Bookmarks to your favorite Web Sites
  • Custom-Configured Screenshots and invoke them with a single click of the mouse
  • Stock Quotes to help track your portfolio
  • Stopwatches to time how long something takes without digging out your phone
  • Countdown Timers to make sure you don't miss out on something important!
  • Meta-Folders to quickly access any group of files, folders or apps that you choose
  • Display Configurations to switch to your favorite Display Configurations with a single click
  • Saved Spotlight Searches to access the results of a Spotlight Search.
  • Auto-Types and have SuperTab automatically type commonly used phrases for you
  • You can configure SuperTab so that Command-Tab still brings up the standard App Switcher.
    Then use a different method to activate SuperTab's enhanced App Switcher. You get Both!
    Pro Tip!

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    New in SuperTab 5
    SuperTab 5 has several new features that makes it the most powerful version of SuperTab yet!
  • Stock Quotes to monitor your stock porfolio and each stock's value to you
  • Access any Tab Row from the System Menu Bar
  • Access Meta-Folders from the System Menu Bar
  • Activate SuperTab via custom Hot Key
  • Activate any individual Tab Row via custom Hot Key
  • Choose Custom Colors for Tab Rows
  • Applications can now show Active Indicators
  • Exempt any documents from being tracked in the Recent Documents Tab Row
  • Exempt windows of any Application from appearing in the Application Windows Tab Row
  • Passwords used by 1Password users will not be tracked in new Clipboard History Tab Rows
  • And there's even more. From additional smaller features to several performance improvements.
    To see the full list of changes, visit our Latest Release page.

    Active Applications
    SuperTab enhances the list of Active Applications well beyond the standard App Switcher.
    With SuperTab's enhanced version of Active Applications, you can:
  • Access your Active Applications exactly you do in Apple's default App Switcher
  • Opt to show the Windows of the frontmost Application
  • Opt to show the Windows of Applications in all System Spaces
  • Opt to show Active Indicators of active Applications
  • Right-Click on Applications to configure their behavior or access their Windows
  • Drag files from the Finder or other Tab Rows onto an Application to open them
  • Keep all background Applications Hidden
  • Quit & Hide any Application
  • Dim hidden Applications
  • To see full details, visit our Active Applications page.

    Recent Applications
    With SuperTab, it's now even easier to re-open an Application that you recently used, because SuperTab provides you with a Recent Applications Tab Row right in the App Switcher.
    And like the Active Applications Tab Row you can also:
  • Right-Click on Applications to configure their behavior or access their Windows
  • Drag files from the Finder or other Tab Rows onto an Application to open them
  • You can even exclude any Applications you want from showing up in list of Recent Applications.
    To see full details, visit our Recent Applications page.

    Recent Documents
    SuperTab also provides you with easy access to your Recent Documents in the App Switcher:
    And you can do more than just open your Recent Documents. You can also:
  • Preview the contents of Text, Image and PDF files
  • Share via Email any of your Recent Documents
  • Add or remove Tags & Labels from any Recent Document
  • Add a Hot Key to any Recent Document
  • See Recent Documents for for more information.

    Recent Folders
    SuperTab now also gives you with easy access to your Recent Folders in the App Switcher:
    And you can indicate which folders to track, and how to sort them:
    You can also remove any folders that you don't wish to track. See Recent Folders for details.

    Application Windows
    SuperTab lets you access your Application Windows right within the App Switcher.
    You can devote an entire Tab Row to Application Windows and sort them by Recent Use or into Application Sets:
    You can also choose to display the windows of the Frontmost App within the Active Applications Tab Row itself:
    See Application Windows for full details.

    Dock Items
    Have you ever activated the App Switcher to switch to an App only to find it's not running?  And then having to tediously go to the Dock to launch it?

    Well no more! With SuperTab's enhanced App Switcher you can now have your Dock Items directly in the App Switcher.
    Not only are your Dock Items now available in the App Switcher, but you can configure which items to include:
  • Include Applications, Files and Folders
  • Include just Applications
  • Include Just Files and Folders
  • Include the Trash
  • Include Hand Off Functionality
  • For more details, visit our Dock Items page.

    If you have more items in your Dock than will fit in one Tab Row, you can create two Dock Items Tab Rows
    and display your Dock Applications in the first and display your Dock Files and Folders in the second.
    Pro Tip!

    Calendar Items
    New to SuperTab is the Calendar Items Tab Row.  Instantly see current and upcoming Events right within the App Switcher.
  • Select the Date Range to display
  • Choose which Calendars to include
  • Click an Event to open it in your Calendar
  • Hover over an Event for complete details
  • Easily email the Organizer or All Attendees
  • Easily open any URL mentioned in an Event
  • Copy Event notes to the Clipboard & more...
  • Visit the Calendar Items page for complete details.

    Clipboard History
    Do you find yourself sometimes wanting to paste something you copied that's no longer on the System Clipboard?

    SuperTab makes that easy by letting you access your Clipboard History right in the App Switcher.
    Just bring up the App Swithcer and select a clipping and it gets copied to the System Clipboard, ready for re-use.

    You can even choose what to keep track of, and how far back to track.
    Visit out our Clipboard History page for the full details.

    Folder Contents
    SuperTab lets you add Tab Rows that each display the contents of any folder you choose.  Such as your Pictures Folder:
    And you can take advantage of the enhanced ways of Working with Files and Working with Folders that SuperTab provides you.

    When you create a Folder Contents Tab Row, SuperTab even makes it easy to choose one of the Mac's common folders by presenting them to you, including Home and the Trash.  Of course, you can also choose any folder on your Mac:
    Take a look at our Folder Contents page for more information.

    Custom Items
    SuperTab lets you create any number Custom Items Tab Rows, each of which acts as a flexible container that lets you pick and choose its entire set of contents:

    You can add Files, Folder and Applications as easily as Drag and Drop.

    Click the Plus button in the Tab Row to add other types of items:
  • Files
  • Stopwatches
  • Folders
  • Countdown Timers
  • Applications
  • Meta-Folders
  • Web Sites
  • Screen Shots
  • System Preferences
  • Auto Types
  • Clipboards
  • Stock Quotes
  • Spotlight Searches
  • Display Configurations
  • You can rearrange custom items as well and drag them from one Tab Row to another!

    Check out our Custom Items page for more details.

    Dropbox Contents

    SuperTab enables you to access your Dropbox Contents right in the App Switcher.

    Instantly open files, preview their contents and create Dropbox Share Links. You can even drag-and-drop contents to your Dropbox without ever opening it.
    Auto-Manage Dropbox Space

    Do you find yourself running out of Dropbox space?

    If so, you can use SuperTab's Clutter Free Folders feature to help you automatically and safely archive any of your Dropbox contents.  SuperTab will automatically move just the items you want to a "Safe Keeping" folder elsewhere on your Mac, freeing up precious space in your Dropbox.
    See our Dropbox Contents page to learn more.

    Tagged Items
    If you use File Tags or Labels, you'll love that SuperTab lets you create Tagged Items Tab Rows.
    In a Tagged Items Tab Row, simply choose the Tags and/or Labels that you want and SuperTab will populate the Tab Row with the files and folders that match.

    This gives you the powerful capability to quickly access:
  • All files tagged with "Business"
  • All files tagged with "Personal" or "Family" or "Vacation"
  • All files labeled with blue or green.
  • And so on...
    To get all the details about Tagged Items Tab Rows, just visit our Tagged Items page.

    Sidebar Items
    If you use the Finder's Sidebar, you'll appreciate that SuperTab now lets you access those same items in the App Switcher:
    And of course you can take advantage of SuperTab's enhanced way of Working with Folders with the SideBar's contents.
    See Creating Tab Rows for help creating a Sidebar Items Tab Row.

    Ready to Try SuperTab?
    If you're ready to try out SuperTab and see how it can streamline your
    daily workflow, Download SuperTab now for a 30-day Free Trial.

    You can even use it longer if you wish.  It may just remind you to register.

        30-day Free Trial

    Community Feedback
    SuperTab has been fortunate enough to have great users who, in turn, have had very kind words to say about SuperTab.

  • "I thought SuperTab 1 was good. The new version is changing the way I use my Mac. It's the highest praise possible.
       Thank you for doing this amazing work." -- Ikem Nzeribe
  • "The new features ROCK. SuperTab has quickly become one of my essential apps." -- Paul Lagasse
  • "You’ve hit this out of the park. This is now an indispensable tool for me, right up there with Bartender
       and BetterSnapTool." -- Leigh Gustafson
  • See what others have to say about SuperTab...

    Web Site Bookmarks
    With SuperTab, you can add any number of Web Site Bookmark items to the App Switcher.

    You can specify which Browser each Web Site should open in.
    You can even indicate if each item should open in a new Tab or a new Window.
    This makes opening your favorite Web Sites as easy as activating the App Switcher and selecting the Site you want.
    For more details, visit our Web Sites page.

    Easy Screen Shots
    Taking Screen Shots on Mac the isn't normally easy...     Is it "Command-Option-Shift-4?"  "Control-Shift-Option-3?"

    Fortunately, SuperTab makes it easy by allowing you to add any number of Screen Shot items to the App Switcher.  And each one can be configured differently to suit your needs.  Then taking a Screen Shot is as easy as selecting the one you want.

    When you add a Screen Shot item, you can choose its type:
  • Capture a portion of the Screen
  • Automatically capture the Frontmost Window
  • Capture a portion of the Screen after a delay
  • Capture the entire Screen
  • Capture a window
  • Capture the entire Screen after a delay
  • Capture a window after a delay
  • Ask you the Screen Shot type on the fly

  • And if you're on MacOS Mojave or later, you can also create an Interactive Screen Shot where can configure the shot on the fly.

    You can also specify where the resulting Screen Shot image should be saved, the image file format to use, to open it in an Application, and more.   You can even Right-Click on a Screen Shot item and directly access the Screen Shots taken by it.
    For more details, visit our Screen Shots page.

    Multiple Clipboards
    Do you Copy & Paste?

    Wouldn't it be nice if you had more than just a single clipboard to hold your text and picture clippings?

    Well, with SuperTab, now you do.  And SuperTab lets you add as many clipboards to the App Switcher as you want.
    From there, just select a clipboard item and it places its contents on the Mac's Clipboards so you can easily Paste it. Or configure the clipboard item so that selecting it instantly pastes its contents for you.  It's all very simple, and very powerful.
    Check out our Multiple Clipboards page to learn more.

    Tab Row Configuration
    Tab Rows in SuperTab are each configurable.

    Configure a Tab Row by cliking the Gear icon that appears to the left of its title when you mouse over it.

    All Tab Rows can be configured to:
  • Be displayed and accessed in the System Menu Bar
  • Have a Custom Color
  • Activate at the press of a Hot Key

  • The following Tab Rows have additional customizations to perfectly suit your working style:
  • Active Applications
  • Clipboard History
  • Recent Applications
  • Dock Items
  • Folder Contents
  • Custom Items
  • Application Windows
  • Calendar Items
  • Dropbox Contents
  • Snagit Items
  • Recent Folders
  • For more details, visit our Tab Row Configuration page.

    Item Name Overlays
    Sometimes you may add items to SuperTab that have the same icon, such as Text Documents or folders. When this happens, it can be difficult to visual identify which is which.

    To address this, SuperTab now supports Item Name Overlays -- the ability of items to display their names directly on their icons.

    Additionally, you can also badge icons and tint them various colors to help you differentiate them visually. For example:
    For full details, visit our Item Name Overlays page.

    Working With Files
    SuperTab not only provides you with several ways of opening your files, it also lets you do much more with them. You can:
  • Preview the contents of Text, Image and PDF files
  • Copy the contents of Text and Image files to the clipboard
  • Share via Email any file
  • Add or remove Tags & Labels from any file
  • Define a custom Hot Key to let you open the file anywhere

  • Take a look at our Working with Files page for more information.

    Working with Folders
    When you select a folder in SuperTab's enhanced App Switcher, the folder opens in the Finder, where you can access its contents.

    You can also Right-Click (or Control-Left-Click) on a folder in SuperTab and both work with the folder itself as well as access its contents.

    Folder Operations
  • Add or remove Tags & Labels from the folder
  • Define a custom Hot Key to open the folder
  • Folder Contents

    When accessing a folder's contents, you have immediate access to
  • The recently accessed files within the folder
  • The initial contents of the folder, sorted how you choose,
       and expandable to its full contents
  • You can even access deeply nested contents of the folder:
    Take a look at our Working with Folders page for more information.

    Don't forget that you can also use the Clutter Free Folders feature to auto-manage the contents of any folder.
    Pro Tip!

    Working with Applications
    SuperTab not only gives you enhanced access to your Applications, but it also helps you actively manage them.
    Simply Right-Click on any Application, where you can then:
  • Ensure it is Always Running during the timeframe you want
  • Have it Hide itself when in the background after a time you choose
  • Have it Auto-Quit when it has been idle for a time period you select
  • Bring all its Windows to the front when the App comes to the front
  • Prevent your Mac's Sleeping or showing the Screen Saver in that App
  • Never miss a Skype call, or have your important presentation interrupted by your Mac going to Sleep ever again!
    For more information, visit our Working with Applications page.

    Normally, a single "slot" in SuperTab represents a single "thing" -- a File, a Folder, an Application, a Web Site, a Clipping, an Event and so on...

    A Meta-Folder, however, lets you place any number of items into a single "slot", thereby dramatically increasing the number of items you have immediate access to in the SuperTab.

    It's like a dynamic folder right in the SuperTab that you can customize with all the items that you want handy at all times...
    And now you can also add any Meta-Folder to the
    System Menu Bar for a new way to access its contents.
    To learn more about Meta-Folders, just visit our Meta-Folders page.

    Clutter Free Folders

    SuperTab not only makes it easier to access your folders, it can now keep them clutter free -- and you more organized.

    SuperTab keeps your folders clutter free by automatically moving old files (based on the age you specify) into a "Safe Keeping" Folder, directly to the trash, or instantly delete them.  And you are in full control over which files get moved and when.

    This can mean the difference between...
    This Desktop...
    ...and this Desktop!
    Take a look at our Clutter Free Folders page to learn more.

    Voice Control
    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just ask your Mac to:

        "Take a Screen Shot"
          "Open Safari"
            "Paste Today's Date"
               ..and more?

    Well, with SuperTab, you can!

    SuperTab lets you access almost all the items in the App Switcher by voice. Here are some things you can do:
  • Open Files & Folders
  • Run or Quit Applications
  • Open Web Sites
  • Take Screen Shots
  • Copy or Paste from a SuperTab Clipboard
  • Run AppleScripts
  • Perform Saved Spotlight Searches
  • Set your Mac's Display Configuration
  • Hide Background Applications
  • Open System Preference Panels
  • Type Current Date & Time
  • Type Common Phrases, Your Signature, etc...

  • Visit our Voice Control page for more information.

    Hot Keys
    SuperTab gives you pretty quick access to so many things.

    However, there are some things you use so often that you may want an even faster way to access them.

    And with SuperTab you can by assigning your own Hot Keys.
    Item Hot Keys

    To assign a Hot Key to an item, simply Right-Click (or Control-Left-Click) on an item and Select "Hot Key" from the resulting menu.

    You can assign, change and remove Hot Keys as you see fit.
    SuperTab Hot Key

    You can now also assign a Hot Key to use to activate SuperTab itself.
    Tab Row Hot Keys

    Additionally, you can now also assign a Hot Key to each Tab Row. Pressing that Hot Key activates just that Tab Row.
    Take a look at our Hot Keys page for the full low down.

    SuperTab Activation
    You can customize how you activate SuperTab's enhanced App Switcher.

    In SuperTab's Settings you can configure the keyboard or mouse methods you wish to use to activate SuperTab:
  • Press Command-Tab
  • Press Option-Tab
  • Double-Press the Command Key
  • Define and press a Custom Hot Key
  • Place the mouse in any screen corners you want
  • This also means that you can choose to still have Command-Tab activate the standard App Switcher but use any of the other activation methods to use SuperTab's enhanced Switcher.  Get the best of both worlds!
    Multiple Monitor Support

    As of version 4.0, SuperTab can now show its enhanced App Switcher on any Monitor connected to your Mac.  And best of all, you can configure which Monitors SuperTab will appear on.

    See Multiple Monitor Support for more information.


    Not only can you customize what you want in the App Switcher, you can also customize how the App Switcher will appear.
  • Choose the Color, Width, Size and Opacity of the App Switcher
  • Optionally Configure the Backdrop by choosing its Color, Opacity and Blur amount
  • Indicate which items will overlay their names on their icons for easy identification.

    And now, you can even specify a custom color for each Tab Row too.

    Some examples:
  • Take a look at our SuperTab Settings page to learn more.

    SuperTab + Snagit
    If you are a Snagit user, then you'll love the Snagit Items Tab Row.

    The Snagit Items Tab Row lets you preview, sort, copy, open and even auto-archive your Snagit Captures.

    All within the App Switcher!  Super simple, and super powerful.
    Take a look at our SuperTab + Snagit page for more information.

    Drag and Drop
    SuperTab adds full Drag and Drop support to the App Switcher.

    You can use Drag and Drop to:
  • Open files in any Applications
  • Move Finder items to folders
  • Add Finder items to Custom Item Tab Rows
  • Move items around within the App Switcher
  • Drag Clippings and Drop onto Apps or into Folders
  • Plus there's more.  Take a look at our Drag and Drop page for more information.

    Saved Spotlight Searches
    If you have a Spotlight Search that you repeat on ocassion, SuperTab makes it easier to do.

    First, save the search in the Finder. Next, add it to SuperTab's ehanced App Switcher. Then, whenever you want to perform that Search, just select it in the App Switcher.

    In fact, you can even Right-Click on a saved Spotlight Search and SuperTab will perform the search and present the results in a menu. Simply select any matching item to instantly open it.
    You can see how to do it all on our Spotlight Searches page.

    System Preferences
    With SuperTab, you can also add any System Preferences directly to the App Switcher for easy access.

    If there is a System Preference that you use even just from time to time, adding it directly to the App Switcher, where you can open it instantly, can be a huge time saver.
    No need to launch System Preferences and root around to find the one you want. Just select from the App Switcher and go.
    For more details, visit our System Preferences page.

    By adding a Preference to the App Switcher, you can even open it faster by assigning it a custom Hot Key.
    Pro Tip!

    Auto Types
    SuperTab gives you with auto-typing capabilities that you can use to automatically type things for you.

    This is useful for phrases you often type, such as a signature, or today's date or the current time. You can even use it to auto-type hard-to-remember-passwords.

    If you're an engineer, this is especially handy for auto-typing basic constructs: empty methods, for-loops, switch statements and more.
    You simply define a series of Actions -- such as:

      "Type Text"
      "Type Return"
      "Type Escape"
      "Type Date"

    ...and SuperTab will put it all together for you.

    You can even specify modifier keys (Command, Control, Shift, Option) for each action.

    The enables your Auto Types items to select menu items and invoke Hot Keys.

    For more details, visit our Auto Types page.

    Display Configurations
    SuperTab has the unique ability to "Capture" the arrangement -- the positions and sizes -- of all the Monitors of your Mac and "Package" them into a Display Configuration item.

    It is then trivial to return to that exact configuration just by selecting that item in the
    App Switcher.
    Capture as many Display Configurations as you need.  Then jump between them with only a single click!
    For full details, check out our Display Configurations page.

    SuperTab Settings
    You can configure SuperTab to work and look just how you prefer.

    Simply open the SuperTab Settings in System Preferences where you can configure:
  • SuperTab Activation
  • Voice Control Activation
  • SuperTab's Appearance
  • Item Name Overlays
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • Interface Persistence
  • Audio Preferences
  • Manage Auto Update
  • Take a look at our SuperTab Settings page for more information.

    Try SuperTab for Free
    If you're curious, why not Download SuperTab and try it for free for 30 days.
    After 30 days, you can purchase SuperTab for only $10. That's 50%-Off its regular $20 price during our SuperTab 5 Release Sale!

    Included with your purchase are free updates to all 5.x releases of SuperTab.

    Supported Systems

    SuperTab is compatible with the following versions of macOS:
  • "Monterey" (12.0)
  • "Big Sur" (11.0)
  • "Catalina" (10.15)
  • "Mojave" (10.14)
  • "High Sierra" (10.13)
  • "Sierra" (10.12)
  • "El Capitan" (10.11)
  • "Yosemite" (10.10)

  •     30-day free trial

    Already a SuperTab User?
    If you're running an older version of SuperTab (Pre 5.0) and would like to upgrade, you can do so for only $2.99!

    To learn more about the new features in SuperTab 5 see our
    Latest Release page.

    When you're ready to upgrade, just visit our Upgrade page.

    *On Macintosh Systems prior to Mavericks, this Tab Row will use Finder Labels instead of Finder Tags.